Well Hello!

Thank you for visiting The Perfectly Imperfect Woman blog, #TPIW. You’ve arrived a guest, and I hope you will leave a friend.


The vision for this blog is to create a community of perfectly imperfect woman, like you and me. To have a platform on which we share stories, experiences and collectively support each other to succeed at this thing called life.


For a while, I have felt prompted to start a blog but it took me a while to really define the what and more specifically the why behind it.


I used to think everything was perfect and believed that it took me being at a constant state of perfection to achieve this. Little did I realise that this constant striving for perfection, that is defined by society and not by me, was wearing me out and eroding who I really am. The twists and turns that life threw into my ‘perfectly straight’ path eventually tripped me up enough times for me to realise that this shouldn’t be the norm.


I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying, ‘when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade’. But I often ask myself, Where is this recipe for the lemonade? And what if I like my lemonade sweeter than the next person? And why does it feel like I am constantly re-engineering this lemonade recipe? Why can’t we share this recipe? In essence, why does it feel that I am paving a way that should, by all reason, already be paved?


So, it is with this, that, TPIW  blog has come about.